You can bring us into your home!

(and you won’t even have to feed us)


“At its most ingenious, ‘Brownstone’ suggests the ‘avant-gutbucket’ ensemble style of such major postmodern jazz bandleaders at Charles Mingus and David Murray.”

- Will Friedwald, The New York Sun


  1. “Stars & Stripes Forever”    by John Philip Sousa

  2. “The Lambs March”    by John Philip Sousa

  3. “The Washington Post”    by John Philip Sousa

  4. “Hymn Pan Alley”    by Jeff Newell

  5. 1. March

  6. 2. Bolero

  7. 3. Mambo

  8. 4. Waltz

  9. 5. Zydeco

  10. 6. Reprise

  11. “Amazing Grace”    by John Newton

  12. “Fill the Temple”    by Jeff Newell

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The Jeff Newell Quartet

Steve Million - piano

Larry Kohut - Bass

Rick Vitek - drums

“Newell has found his Voice!”

- Downbeat Magazine

“Genuinely exciting...intellectually intriguing.”

- Chicago Reader

“Magnificent original performances”

- Jazz Institute  of Chicago

New-Trad Octet

Jeff Newell’s