Things We like
and think you will, too.

Jeff uses and endorses Rico products, playing Rico “Reserve”

reeds for the high quality and consistency of the cane. They give him the depth of sound and flexibility he looks for in a reed.


Jeff plays vintage Selmer Mark VI alto and tenor saxophones and has played several new Selmer “Reference ’54” saxophones to his liking. His soprano is an older Yanagasawa which he like for it’s rich sound.


Jeff plays a vintage Otto Link mouthpiece on his tenor.

He  owns several others that all give him a broad palette

of tonal colors in his playing.  He plays Dave Guardala mouthpieces on alto & soprano and a Rico Royal C5 mouthpiece on his clarinet.



The Music Men

an illustrated history of

Brass Bands in America

   By Margaret Hindle Hazen & Robem M. Hazen.

A wonderful treatise on the history of the brass bands in America and their place and influence within our social structure. Lots of great historic photos.

Louis Armstrong’s

New Orleans

   By Thomas Brothers.

Learn about how the political and social milieu of turn-of-the-

20th-century New Orleans created one of America’s most unique and influential musicians.

   By Dena J. Epstein.

A fascinating look at how African influences came to this continent to adapt to, and profoundly change, American

society at large.

Sinful Tunes

and Spirituals

Black Folk Music to the Civil War

May be out of print but are available used or at the library.